About Cindy

Hello, just a little about me. I've been involved in wedding and portrait photography for many years now, having started as an assistant to a wedding photographer. I remember telling the lead photographer that I could make the gowns, but knew nothing about photography. Pretty soon I was not just loading film in the backs of the medium format cameras, but I was using those cameras at weddings and not just as an assistant any more! I found that I enjoyed the pace, excitement and beauty of weddings, so I ventured out on my own, then got my eldest son involved. He is awesome at photographing what's going on around the main events that I'm photographing, so we get a lot of background images when he works with me.

As a high school foreign language teacher I started photographing high school seniors, too. I enjoy working with this age group, both as a teacher and a photographer. I love to bring out their beauty in photographs. I can't wait until I get home from a session to load images onto my computer and see how they came out! Whether a wedding or portraits.

I'm an avid horseback rider, riding trails on nearly a daily basis, so if you have horses and want portraits with them, we can do that, whether family, wedding, or senior portraits. I'm also a skier and can meet you at the slopes! Most anywhere can become a photo location.


Shane & Joseph

“Cindy was my photographer for my wedding. She was absolutely amazing, extremely professional, and top quality work. I would highly recommend her!!!”

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